Library Concert

We’re undaunted but sorry to post cancelation of the “Melody First” show at the Woodstock Library tonight January 19th, due to the looming bad weather. Anyone interested in hosting this shew please contact us here or on fb messenger.  Woodstock NY is our center. Southern VT, western Mass and Conn, eastern PA, northern NJ and…

Upped and moved to New York State

Well, we did it. After nearly 11 years in the Bishop Arts District of beautiful Oak Cliff, TX, ( a mere flash in the pan to Lisa’s 35-year residency,) we decided in the spring of ’17 somehow to move to my family’s old farmhouse in the Catskill Eroded Plateau of New York State.  After immense…

Still Kicking In Oak Cliff

Hey Folcii, We still live and breathe here in our Bishop Arts Nest of Fulmination.  We’re going Fulminational. We’re still allowed to play music on the street here, and I intend to keep that up as long as possible; among my most meaningful of gigs.  You never know who might be listening.  My favorite are…

(Video) The Markley & Balmer Show

Video technology students of North Lake College produce and shoot Persistence of Vision as part of their production workshop (I and II) classes. This specific show features the musical husband/wife team Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer and was produced during the Fall 2015 semester.

Movie Trailer for Miz Markley & Me!

My wife Lisa has had a movie made about her artistic life and how it relates to the same for Sharie Vance, the director and filmmaker. This is some cool manifestation! Miz Markley & Me Trailer from Sharie Vance on Vimeo.