For our Folk Allies:

Coincidents - one_2Lisa and I’ll be attending the 2015 International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis this week, with our fellow label-mates at SoonaSongs, Inc.  It will be mayhem and cacophony like nothing you’ve heard, and we’ll be relishing it all like it was brisket.

Our schedule:

Wed:       10         PM      Markley&Balmer    Rm. 704

|              11:30   PM     Bruce Balmer           Rm. 704

Thurs:     2           PM     The Malvinas!          Rm. 704

|              10:30   PM     Markley&Balmer    Rm. 704

|              1:30      AM    Bruce Balmer           Rm. 704

|              2            AM    Bruce Balmer           Rm. 549

Fri:          2             PM    Markley&Balmer    Rm. 704

|               11            PM   The Malvinas!          Rm. 704

|               12           AM    Markley&Balmer    Rm. 704

|               12:30     AM    The Malvinas!          Rm. 704

Sat:          10:30     PM    Markley&Balmer    Rm. 704

|               12:30     AM    The Malvinas!          Rm. 704

|               2             AM    Markley&Balmer    Rm. 549


The Malvinas are a songwriting trio well known for gorgeous harmony singing, brilliant songs from Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth and Lisa Markley, and Gina’s famous Cajun fiddle playing.  What’s most remarkable about The Malvinas is they ONLY play at the International Folk Alliance Conference, due to the geographic separation of the members:  Dallas, New Orleans, and Quebec, Canada.  They always deliver a stellar show!

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