Hey, All,
We’ve returned from The Great Folk Singularity of Folk Alliance – Kansas City 2014, back to 92% of power, and exhilarated by the joyful bunching together of old and new friends, the robust showing of all the Soona Songs artists:  The Malvinas, Marilyn and Graham Duncan, Lisa Markley, Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth, and Kevin Elliott; I’m proud to be in such great company.
We also enjoyed many other artist’s showcases in the Soona Room: Rachel Ries, Nancy Cassidy, Jim Patton and Sherry Brokus, Butch Morgan, Grant Peeples, The Mae Trio, Cary Cooper, Spook Handy, Rj Cowdery and many others.
Also caught bits of shows by Ronny Cox with Jack Williams and Radoslav Lorkovic, Jonathan Byrd, Devon Sproule, Willy Nile(!,) Bill Kirchen(holisht!,) Kelly Bosworth, Buddy Mondlock, Hogan and Moss, and I sat in on a couple shows with Honor Finnegan. All great performers, this list is a small fraction of the mass and variety of wonderful musicality sparkling across the 4-day weekend.
Still can’t thank Marilyn, Bill and Graham Duncan, and  and Kate Maurer of Soona Songs enough for their patience and faith in recording and producing my album “Get Outta Park,” and nudging it lovingly out of the harbor. Hope anyone reading this gets a chance to hear some of the other musical time capsules coming out of Jonesborough in east Tennessee. Take a listen  at www.soonasongs.com!

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