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Hey every body, Tout Le Monde, todo el mundo. Since I haven’t posted a new post since I posted some time in 2019, I thought it behoven unto me for me to post a new post in the posting section.

So Lisa and I have been posting Facebook Live Shows on her page, facebook.com/lisamarkley, and on mine, www.facebook.com/brucebalmer, every Thursday Night Eastern Daylight Time at 8:30 PM. Every week is a somewhat different theme. Last week was “Bruce Picks The Set List.” We’ve done Jack Hardy Exclusives, Individual Markley or Balmer shows, All Bruce Songs That Aren’t On Albums, Love Songs Only, Love Songs Excluded, Melody-First-Written Songs. Other stuff too. So we’re having a ball, and we have a nice warm group of people showing up almost every week. Please come on by, and bring your warm, fuzzy self. Guitar and Voice, and Jokes. Bad Jokes. This is Lisa totally impressed by what I just pull out of my buttress:

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