Woodstock 50/50 Free Concert of all Woodstock Musicians – Hosted by Paul W McMahon


Bruce has 5-minute spot at this 50-Year commemorative event behind
The Colony at
22 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY 12498, at
3 PM Saturday, August 17th, 2019.
Either 1 long-ish song or 2 economical ones.
Other phenomenal (as one might imagine, it being Woodstock, after all) local musicians all day Saturday and Sunday.
Check out the Face Book page by the above title for other details and schedule.

Bruce ruminates:
As many people know, the famous Woodstock Festival, 3 Days Of Peace And Music, took place 58 miles away at what is now known as Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, formerly informally known as Yasgur’s Farm, owned by Max Yasgur in 1969.
What is less known, but more so lately is there were a number of small precursor festivals which actually did take place in the town of Woodstock at Pan Copeland’s farm a for a couple years, called Sound Out. Pretty small by comparison, maybe 500 attendees or so. I remember seeing Soft Machine there. Swampy. Some things spring eternal. Water.

Hope all who have some community connection with why anyone ever thought getting together in an out door idyll of mud and sound might be life-supporting in some way takes a minute to think those thoughts again.


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