Folk Alliance, KansasCity::::::::::::::::::::::: Soona Guerilla Room 704::::::::::::::::::::::::: Come visit us in the Exhibit Hall

Gaaaa!!!!!  It’s Folk Alliance Kansas City week, and there’s not enough minutes to the hour to do everything that might bring a greater iota of joy to the insane, but carefully planned assemblage du chanteuses and acolytes therein entertaining and being entertained.

Bruce Balmer W169 v4b - alt coverThere will be Hallways of Renewed Friendship and Acquaintance, Smorgasbords  of Nuts and Fruits, Forests of Solid Spruce, Mahogany and Rosewood;  Cacaphonys of Cackalacks, Hoosiers, Red Dirt Denizens and The Rest, and Field Trips Go Leor.  I’ll be happily touting my new SOONA SONGS release, “Get Outta Park,” and will be Pretending I’m Busking  on four different occasions, all in ROOM 704, THE SOONAS SONGS Room:

  1. Wednesday   at          10 PM
  2. Thursday      at       1:30 AM
  3. Friday           at           3  PM
  4. Saturday       at    12:30  AM

I will also be appearing with LISA MARKLEY as her Side Dude, and again in MARKLEY&BALMER, famoso duo de the Bishop Arts District of Dallas.  Also in  ROOM 704, THE SOONAS SONGS Room, at:

  1. Wednesday         11:30   PM
  2. Thursday                3      PM
  3. Friday                  11:30  PM
  4. Saturday                 3      PM
  5. Saturday                11     PM

I look forward to chocolate and coffee with Marilyn, Bill, Graham and Kate, (and the MALVINAS!!!!,) in the always-hospitable and -friendly  Soona Sircle.   Find out more about the little label that could at :

See you in Kansas City!

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